About Tonick

Tonick Watering is a global innovator of smart irrigation 2-wire and wireless control technology.

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Tonick's History

Tonick Watering was formed in 1996 by Tony Ware to produce innovative control products for the irrigation sector and is now widely recognised as the premier global innovator and manufacturer of decoder technology for two-wire irrigation systems.

Complementary to decoder development, Tonick has developed a range of versatile controllers from a simple low-cost stand-alone wall mount, through to a full Internet based controller with its own embedded web pages and open SCADA protocol, for city-wide irrigation networks.

For manufacturers with their own control systems, but not yet with decoders, Tonick offers a range of OEM components which they may embed to operate proven, reliable decoders.

Acquired in 2017 by Australian based manufacturer Aquamonix, Tonick Watering adds a strong global presence to the Aquamonix range of total solutions, with a strong international footprint in mega scale Smart Cities, Sports Turf and Agricultural projects in several key countries.

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A global innovator of smart irrigation control systems!