The TOnick Team

The Tonick Watering team combine their passion for innovation and quality with decades of hands on experience in global markets to provide the absolute best control technology for irrigation applications worldwide.


A global innovator of smart irrigation control systems!


Mark Davies

Business Manager

Mark Davies is the head geek in the Tonick Watering team and also brings more than 15 years of hands on experience and well rounded knowledge in complex control system engineering and business management to the Tonick Watering team.


Jason Schoch

Product Manager

Jason Schoch is the crazy inventor in the Tonick Watering team, he is also our technology guru and is an expert in communications and signalling, with experience gained over 14 years working with control and telemetry systems.


Andrea Sommer

Marketing Support

Andrea Sommer brings colourful hair styles and trendy outfits to the Tonick team, she is an industrial engineer with 14 years experience in consulting and project management and she also happens to be an awesome photographer.